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Date: 2017-03-06
Location: Z8-1049, Need directions?
Time: 16:30
Chairman: Eric Massé
Phone number (Z8-1050): (819) 821-8000 Ext: 66444
VideoConference: Sites location
Information to participants and authors
Practical advice to prepare a Powerpoint presentation
How to join the Videoconference on a per lab basis

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  • Each session consists of 3 or 4 talks. Each talk is 20 minutes long (strictly enforced). The question period is open until no more question are asked. The order of the talks will be posted on the net. However, the session-host may choose to change the order to enhance the understanding of the topic.
  • Speakers could use, slides, transparencies, or power-point to deliver their talks. If you are going to use power-point please come 20 minutes early with your presentation in a USB key. It will be played on a Windows PC.
  • The talks are and should always be informal. Last minutes data are most welcome (stay away from published results). The titles should reflect the informality of the session and chosen to convey the contents in a funny way.
  • All participants are encourage to pose questions and interrupt to increase the understanding of the topic and stimulate fruitful discussion. The speakers should encourage the audience participation by all means necessary !!!
  • The speakers are also encouraged to seek the audience help for technical or intellectual advice if needs be.
  • In short, think of the RiboClub as a mega lab-meeting
  • Note to all participants: The RiboClub still offers a $1000 award for the best seminar.

Practical advice to prepare a presentation
in Powerpoint for a videoconference
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  • Use a simple and readable font like: Times New Roman, Garamond, Verdana or Helvetica
  • The font size used must be at least 32 points
  • Do not use any frame around your pages
  • Avoid capital letters, except for the titles and do not underline words or groups of words because that reduces legibility
  • The presentation of the pages must be uniform from one page to another
  • Keep your pages simple and sober
  • Avoid animations, sound transitions and visual effects
  • Colors used must be sober
  • Use a plain background

Delong Zhou
Sherif Abou Elela
Université de Sherbrooke
Title: Finding the codes for cancer specific regulation of alternative splicing​

Ana Vakiloroayaei
Marc Bayfield
York University
Title: The RNA chaperone La promotes pre-tRNA maturation via indiscriminate binding of hypomodified targets

Ashley Chin
Eric Lécuyer
Université de Montréal
Title: Identifying RNA binding proteins involved in regulating epithelial cell polarity

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