2016-2017 proposed Talk Schedule

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Date (yyyy/mm/dd) Session Chairman Next RiboClub Speaker Lab. Name
2016 Official Opening Organizers Pictures of the 2016 Opening Session Official Opening
2016-11-07 Jean-Pierre Perreault Speaker: Caroline Telekawa, MSc student

Title: Mapping a network of post-translational modifications on the RNA exosome; a functional study
François Bachand
Speaker: Nicolas Girard, PhD student

Title: The VS ribozyme as a tool to explore the engineering potential of RNA
Pascale Legault
Speaker: Isabel Friedmann, MSc student

Title: Defining RNA targets for QUAKING
Stephane Richard
Speaker: Pascale Michaud, PhD student

Title: Contribution of distinct microRNA-induced silencing complex during animal development
Martin Simard
2016-12-05 Raymund Wellinger Speaker: Samuel Rouleau, Ph.D. student

Title: G-Quadruplexes regulate the biogenesis and function of cancer related microRNAs
Jean-Pierre Perreault
Speaker: Muhammad Sohail, Post-Doc

Title: Alternative Splicing Modulation and Growth Inhibition of Colorectal Cancer Cells by a Novel Class of Compounds
Benoit Chabot
Speaker: Julie Robitaille, M.Sc. student

Title: Characterizing Structural Determinants of microRNA Primary Transcripts
François Major
Speaker: Yulemi Gonzalez Quesada

Title: Role of Staufen1 dsRBD2 in the control of cell proliferation
Luc Desgroseillers
2017-01-09 Michelle Scott Speaker: Carolin Brand

Title: West Nile virus RNA replication complex – identification of a new antiviral target?
Martin Bisaillon
Speaker: Maxime Lalonde, Ph.D. student

Title: Cell cycle-dependent spatial segregation of telomerase from sites of DNA damage
Pascal Chartrand
Speaker: Felix Laroche-Johnston

Title: Bacterial group II introns: novel circularization pathway may lead to genic trans-splicing of cellular mRNAs
Benoit Cousineau
Speaker: Senthil Kumar Duraikannu Kailasam, Postdoctoral Fellow

Title: Molecular dynamics simulation guided rational design of a L-Ribonucleic acid aptamer
Hans-Joachim Wieden
2017-02-06 Martin Bisaillon Speaker: Mélanie Geffroy

Title: Leader peptide translation is directly involved in riboswitch regulation
Eric Massé
Speaker: Vincent Boivin, M.Sc. student

Title: Seeking the true abundance of different RNA species in the cell
Michelle Scott
Speaker: Dr. Daniel Scott

Title: Nol12: a multifunctional RNA/DNA endonuclease linking ribosome biogenesis, apoptosis and DNA damage
Marlene Oeffinger
Speaker: Erin Kelly, M.Sc. student

Title: RNA modification by H/ACA small Ribonucleoproteins
Ute Kothe
2017-03-06 Eric Massé Speaker: Ana Vakiloroayaei

Title: The RNA chaperone La promotes pre-tRNA maturation via indiscriminate binding of hypomodified targets
Marc Bayfield
Speaker: Ashley Chin

Title: Identifying RNA binding proteins involved in regulating epithelial cell polarity
Eric Lécuyer
Speaker: Delong Zhou

Title: Finding the codes for cancer specific regulation of alternative splicing​
Sherif Abou Elela
2017-04-03 Benoit Chabot Speaker: Judit Hunyadkürti, PhD

Title: Functional characterization of human Senetaxin (SETX) homologs in the fission yeast S. pombe
François Bachand
Speaker: Clément Chapat, PhD

Title: The cap-binding protein 4EHP effects translation silencing by microRNAs
Nahum Sonenberg
Speaker: Jean-François Nadon, PhD candidate

Title: Transcriptional traffic lights: using photochemistry to control RNA elongation
Daniel Lafontaine
Speaker: Alexandra Lewis, PhD candidate

Title: A family of nuclear-Argonaute interacting proteins suppresses nuclear RNAi in C. elegans
Thomas Duchaine
2017-05-08 François Bachand Speaker: To be determined

Title: To be determined
Eric Massé
Speaker: To be determined

Title: To be determined
Raymund Wellinger
Speaker: To be determined

Title: To be determined
Bill Zerges
Speaker: To be determined

Title: To be determined
Jonathan Perreault
2017-06-05 Daniel Lafontaine Speaker: Michael Dore

Title: Biomimetic methods for making functional RNA amphiphiles
Hanadi Sleiman
Speaker: To be determined

Title: To be determined
Michelle Scott
Speaker: To be determined

Title: To be determined
Chantale Autexier
Speaker: To be determined

Title: To be determined
Anne Gatignol